ISLAMABAD, Jun 28 (APP): If India is serious in peace with Pakistan, it can initiate the dialogue process right away, as a democratically elected government is in place in Pakistan capable of taking all decisions, former ambassador Masood Khan said Tuesday.

The diplomat’s statement came in response to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi who in an interview with local television said that it was hard to decide to whom to talk about peace in Islamabad – whether to the democratically elected government or the ‘other actors’.

“Mr. Modi knows that Pakistan’s Prime Minister is one call away. If he gets in touch with him, the dialogue process can start right away. He need not look for other ‘actors’,” Masood Khan told APP.

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Masood Khan, who has served as Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to the Untied Nations said India’s interlocutors in Islamabad are well known – Advisor on Foreign Affairs and National Security Advisor.

“For peace, engagement is necessary and the political leadership’s brief includes inputs from all ‘actors’ – by which he alludes to the armed forces of Pakistan,” he said.

“Pakistan has one brief, not a split one. India, for its part, should try to develop a coherent and cohesive response on India-Pakistan agenda,” the diplomat said.