India can’t suppress Kashmiris’ freedom struggle with inhuman ploys: President

India can’t suppress Kashmiris’ freedom struggle with inhuman ploys: President

MUZAFFARABAD, Feb 5 (APP): President Dr Arif Alvi Saturday said that human history was replete with precedents in which the use of illegal force always failed to suppress nations and the same thing was being witnessed in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK).

The Indian government with all its inhuman tools and tactics had failed to deter the determined Kashmiris from seeking their right to self-determination through a peaceful struggle, he said, adding this injustice would end soon as no child would be born without raising slogan for the freedom of IIOJK.

The president was addressing the Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) Legislative Assembly in connection with the observance of Kashmir Solidarity Day. The special session was attended by the members of the assembly, AJK President and Prime Minister.

India can’t suppress Kashmiris’ freedom struggle with inhuman ploys: President

The president said if there was peace in IIOJK, India should open up the occupied territory for social media and international delegations. There was a continuous blackout to hush up the Indian forces’ naked aggression, brutalities, state-sponsored terrorism, illegal arrests and extra-judicial killings of the innocent Kashmiris. Rape had been used as a tool of the State to terrorize and subdue the ongoing struggle for freedom, he added.

He said the Kashmiri leadership was put under house arrest but Indian forces could not deter the determination of Kashmiri leader late Syed Geelani who was ready to sacrifice his life on road for the cause of liberation.

The president questioned under which international law, the Indian forces had been demolishing houses and using rape as a state tool.

He observed that a very complicated situation had emerged out of the Hindutva policy being pursued by the Indian government that wanted to rewrite its history with falsehood. “India has vindicated the two nations theory with its genocide acts against the Muslims and other minorities,” he added.

The president further said the barbaric and inhuman spectacle would not have appeared in IIOJK, if the promises made by the international organizations had been fulfilled.

He observed that conspiracies were hatched during the independence of Pakistan as a leeway for Kashmir was provided to India through Gurdaspur.

Pakistan, he said, had come into being through democracy as people of the sub-continent had voted for it. The Muslim majority Kashmir had been a part of Pakistan and would remain its part.

The president called upon the international community to take immediate notice of the human rights violations in IIOJK.

The president said that every Pakistani and Kashmiri firmly believed that IIOJK would soon get freedom.

About the demographic changes in IIOJK, the president said “Let me tell India that it will not succeed. It will not happen rather it would create more bitterness.”

The prime minister had already pointed to the world that India was treading on a precarious path of genocide of minorities, besides carrying out an official genocide of Kashmiris by destroying their livelihood, future generations and economy, he added.

The president said that no one could ignore such inhuman treatment of the Muslims and minorities in India. There would be no investment in IIOJK, he added.

The president assured that India could not devour a single inch of the occupied territory with its failed tactics. The Muslims could not tolerate injustices when they were pushed against the wall, he warned.

Completely rejecting the Indian controversial laws over IIOJK, the president said that Kashmiris would not be deceived with such ploys.

The president also urged the Kashmiri people to utilize the social media to highlight the issue further. The Kashmiris, he said wanted freedom through peaceful means and Pakistan was providing full opportunities to the global bodies including the UN, OIC and other multilateral fora to resolve the issue.

He cautioned that pushing Kashmiris in IIOJK against the wall would draw same reaction.

The president, on the occasion, also reiterated Pakistan’s moral, diplomatic and political support to the people of Kashmir.

He rejected certain political rantings by saying that no Pakistani could ever think of a compromise over the Kashmir issue.

The president cautioned to keep vigil over such irresponsible political statements, fake news and propaganda.

“We are united and will remain forever over Kashmir,” he stressed.