ISLAMABAD, Oct 30 (APP): Chairman, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf
(PTI) Imran Khan and his spouse Reham Khan have divorced with mutual consent.
Spokesman PTI Naeem ul Haq on Friday informed media that
both of them will not bound under marriage contract and separated
from each other.
The spokesman said divorce was held on very sensitive and serious
issue and urged media to avoid speculations.
In a message on Twitter, Reham Khan said, “We have decided to part
ways and file for divorce”.
While Imran Khan Tweeted, I have the greatest respect for Reham’s
moral character and her passion to work for and help the underprivileged”.
“Reports and speculation about financial settlements are absolutely
false and shameful”.
“This is a painful time for me and Reham and our families.
I would request everyone to respect our privacy.”