Imran avenging people for not electing him to power : Pervaiz Rashid

LAHORE Sept 3 (APP): Minister for Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage Pervaiz Rashid on Saturday said Tehreek e Insaaf Chairman is avenging people by taking to streets for his rejection in elections and is looking for a back door to come to power.

“But, his dream of power grabbing through back door cannot
materialize in presence of independent judiciary, powerful media and prudent people. He is only adding to people problems by forcing them to close down businesses and inflicting losses in billions of rupees,” the minister said addressing a news conference.

He said political adventure of Imran Khan and his aides ‘Mr
Canady’ (Tahir ul Qadri) and ‘Pindi based politician’ (Sheikh Rashid) had cost one billion rupees to Rawalpindi business, four billion rupees to Lahore business, one million rupees loss to Rawalpindi Metro and a half million loss to Lahore Metro, while five million rupees had to be spent on security arrangement of their rallies, lighting and railings.

“The responsibility for loss to human lives and problems to people in travelling and performing daily life tasks also lies with this troika, which is fond of disrupting routine life and hampering economic growth,” he added.

He said the government tried its best to convince these leaders to choose a place like Minar e Pakistan or some other ground for their protest, but they preferred to add to the miseries of masses.

He said all the three protestors are leading movement with
different names like Tehreek e Qasas, Tehreek e Ehtsab and Tehreek e Nijaat, and it is unfortunate that the people who cannot evolve consensus on one name of the movement, are inflicting pain and agony to people.

“The leaders, who could not reach consensus on their agenda at open and secret meetings, cannot provide masses a ground for welfare instead of imposing their psychosis on them,” he added.

The minister said they are repeating the same three years old rhetoric and nobody knows what kind of accountability Imran Khan desired.

“If he is serious in accountability, then he should
contribute to the bills presented to Senate and National Assembly by PPPP and PML N. But, he does not want accountability and his only purpose is to avenge masses for not voting him to power.”

“But, people have understood him and more he protests, more the people will vote for the PML N. Imran should understand that he is losing popularity. He has nothing to give to masses,” he said.

He said the government desires a comprehensive accountability law than to blemishing individuals and it would be a great service, if these parties contribute to enacting this law instead of agonizing masses.

Pervaiz Rashid said the PML N government will take its case to people in 2018 on the basis of its development projects and their welfare and will leave decision to them to whom they will vote.

“Please wait till 2018. Three and a half years are down the road and one and a half year remaining,” the minister said adding, neither these leaders wait nor they repose confidence in respected institutions like Supreme Court and Election Commission.
“Not the PTI, but our party should complain of restrictions

imposed on us during election campaign in Jhelum and Burewala,” he said. “Imran Khan trampled down the code of conduct by Election Commission but the government and PML N respect its institutions and will not raise finger on them.”

He said Imran Khan could not identify corruption in any project of three tenures of Nawaz Sharif as Prime Minister. It means that he had validated transparency in all the projects of the respective PML N governments.

Imran is only trying to politick on the personal business and
transactions of the Sharif family back in 1972, when a factory was established in Dubai and the family was not even in the politics, he added.
The minister questioned why Imran Khan kept silent when a dictator
dragged the country into war against terrorism and bagged billions of dollars instead of spending these funds on power projects or other development projects.

“But, he will not demand accountability of those funds because he lacks moral courage as any person who is used to tell lies, cannot show character in making such demands,” Pervaiz Rashid said.

He said the PML N government had inherited terrorism, load
shedding and economic recession. We prioritized these areas in our policies and today situation is far better than three years back in terms of economic revival, power generation, foreign exchange, investment and bringing peace to the nation.

“But, this is unfortunate that our rivals are not digesting our
development agenda because they do not believe in democracy and dignity of vote,” he added.

The minister said it is better for Imran Khan to seek forgiveness for the past follies and reiterate to serve masses and respect democracy and pray for a stable and progressive Pakistan.

“He is still stranding in the past when he was siding with a
dictator. But, the time has changed and people are well aware of priorities and performance of the government.”

The minister said the PML N government will continue with its
agenda of progress and eliminating terrorism. The security situation will be far better and there will be no load shedding when we shall go into election in 2018.