IK led ilk torches Quaid’s House in Lahore like terrorists set Ziarat Residency on fire: PM 

IK led ilk torches Quaid’s House in Lahore like terrorists set Ziarat Residency on fire: PM 

LAHORE, May 21 (APP): Prime Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif on Sunday said that May 9 was the darkest day in the history of Pakistan when Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman Imran Khan Niazi led miscreants torched Quaid’s (Corps Commander) House in Lahore like the terrorists had set Quaid’s Residency in Ziarat on fire during 2013. 

Addressing a meeting to review the law and order situation, the prime minister said on May 9, Imran Niazi and his followers stoked terrorism and violence that amounted to anti-state acts.  

They caused damage to such a huge extent that even the enemies of Pakistan could not do in the last 75 years, he added. 

The prime minister further equated attack on GHQ by the PTI leaders and supporters to the one mounted by the terrorist outfit TTP in the past.  

He said the terrorists had attacked naval facility in Karachi in the past and the PTI leader and his supporters damaged the plane in Mianwali which had been used to defend the country. 

unfortunately, he observed these Pakistanis turned into enemies of the country and carried out attacks. Radio Pakistan and several other buildings were attacked, he added. 

“Such agonizing incidents will continue to haunt the nation,” the prime minister regretted.  

Seeking progress on the legal proceedings against the culprits, the prime minister reiterated that during previous meetings, it was decided that anyone involved in the incidents of planning, instigating, sloganeering and vandalism would not escape the iron claws of law. 

About damages caused to the civilian buildings, it was decided that the cases would be tried under the Anti-Terrorism Act and those on military installations would be proceeded under the relevant laws, he maintained.  

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