ISLAMABAD, Oct 27 (APP): The Islamabad High Court (IHC)
Thursday restrained Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf from locking down the
federal capital and summoned Imran Khan in person on October 31.
The court observed that a place namely ‘Democracy Park &
Speech Corner’ had already been notified for protests in Islamabad
and directed the District Magistrate to inform PTI Chief Imran Khan
about the designated venue.
In a written order, the court said “it may also be informed
that no road leading to Islamabad and within the territory of
Islamabad would be allowed to be blocked.”
The court also summoned Imran Khan on October 31, in person to
explain, which law allowed him to make statements to block the city
and jam government machinery.
The court observed that recording of speeches of Imran Khan
were indicative of the fact that proposed program of sit-in
apparently is aimed to block the Islamabad city and to jam the
government machinery, which obviously will result into infringement
of fundamental rights of citizens.
Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui of the IHC heard the four
petitions for restraining PTI from shutting down the city on
November 2, and seeking directions for PEMRA not to telecast Imran
Khan’s speeches, interviews as he is still at large and did not
surrender himself before the court of law that is seeking his
Secretary Interior, Inspector General of Police Islamabad and
Chief Commissioner Islamabad Capital Territory appeared before the
They made categorical statements that all endeavors would be
made to ensure the smooth running of life in the city and that no
fundamental rights of any citizen may be infringed due to call of
protests and sit-in.
The court barred the district administration from cordoning
off roads by placing containers and other hurdles.
There would be no rescheduling of examinations and all educational
institutions should remain open, the court further directed.
Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui remarked that this should be
known to all that the courts were the only umpire here.
The officials of Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory
Authority (PEMRA) displayed the recording of Imran Khan’s statements
in the court.
In written orders, the court noted that freedom of speech,
expression and movement were right of every citizen, but it cannot
be exercised in a manner that other citizens may be deprived of
their fundamental rights, free movement, education, business and
trade etc.

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