IDB president visits IIUI’s CAEPE

ISLAMABAD, May 03 (APP):A 20-memeber delegation headed by the President, Islamic Development Bank (IDB) Dr. Bandar M. H. Hajjar Friday visited Advanced Electronics & Photovoltaic Engineering (CAEPE), of International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI).

The IIUI Rector, Prof. Dr.Masoom Yasinzai and President, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Yousif AL-Draiweesh, was accompanied with the delegation during the visit, said a press release issued here.

The Centre emerged as a University-Wide Centre and User Access Facility from the very core support extended by the Bank through its competitive International Grants.

The Islamic Development Bank provided an opportunity to raise Advanced Electronics Laboratories Project and Photovoltaic Energy Engineering Laboratories Project at IIU as a pioneering step to support the Government of Pakistan in these highly specialised Area of Research.

These Multi-Million US dollar Competitive International Grants were awarded to their proponent, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Shuja Syed, who successfully accomplished the projects and raised a Centre of its kind in Pakistan.

The IIUI Rector and President briefed the delegation that the centre currently holds around 200 scientific projects utilizing the research facilities from within and outside the international Islamic university.

They told that the centre was acting as an enabler to target 4 sustainable development goals namely: quality education, affordable and clean energy, industrial innovation and infrastructure and partnership for the goals.

The delegation was apprised that centre’s indigenous research problems are focused to create knowledge in micro- and nano-scale engineering of devices, materials and systems to enable solutions for big problems such as connectivity, energy, improving quality of life.

The IDB President was informed both the technical grants provided by Islamic development bank have been termed as the success stories in IDB’s country portfolio.

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Shuja Syed told that the Centre for Advanced Electronics & Photovoltaic Engineering (CAEPE) is pleased to announce to erect Pakistan pioneering Class 100 (IOS 14000+) Clean room within the Centre Laboratories Infrastructure.

He told that it would prove to be a leap in Applied Engineering Research while providing a facilitative environment to fabricate Micro and Nano scale Devices and Components.

He furthered that the Centre for Advanced Electronics & Photovoltaic Engineering (CAEPE) has already being serving a wide variety of users from university and outside as the experimental facility provider for research in cutting edge areas.

The Clean room facility is of Industry Grade and hence expected to improve the existing processes and research standards within the broader domain of Micro and Nano Scale Electronics, Photonics and Sensors, Energy Electronics and Advanced Material Processing. The facility is created with the support of Islamic Development Bank Jeddah and Government of Pakistan through its PSDP funding.