Human Rights day to be marked on December 10

ISLAMABAD, Dec 7 (APP):Human Rights day will be marked across the globe including Pakistan on December 10 to create awareness of basic human rights for all irrespective of their nationality, ethnicity, religion or geography.

Human rights included right to live, to health, education, freedom of speech and thoughts, and equal rights.

Some groups organize protests on Human Rights Day to alert people of circumstances in parts of the world where human rights were not recognized or respected, or where these rights were not considered to be important.

Cultural events and photo exhibitions were also held to inform people, especially today’s youth, of their rights and why it’s important to hold on to them.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights was drafted between January 1947 and December 1948.

It aimed to form a basis for human rights all over the world and represented a significant change of direction from events during World War II and the continuing colonialism that was on rise in the world at the time.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights is considered as the most translated document in modern history.

It is available in more than 360 languages and new translations are still being added.

Human Rights Day was first observed on December 10 and has been observed each year on the same date.