ISLAMABAD, July 24, (APP) The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has demanded a firm schedule for holding the census as soon as possible.

Political, social and economic policies, planning for
development, understanding the changing demographics of the country and allocation of resources by the federal and provincial governments can only be determined properly after having accurate data of existing population.

Participants of a National Consultation here on Sunday stated that there is clarity about the existing population and the headcount of every household in the country.

“Census is a basic requirement of a modern state”, they said.

The consultation was attended by representatives of the Federal Government, political parties, civil society organizations, academicians and experts, said a news release issued here on Sunday.

Speakers and participants of the consultation spoke about the processes and the mechanisms needed for holding a fair census and emphasized on the need for holding a census as soon as possible.

They recommended that modern technology, methodology and the experience of other countries should be utilized in improving the way census is conducted.