Hosting OIC-CFM a major success for Pakistan & PTI govt: Mazari

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ISLAMABAD, Mar 24 (APP):Federal Minster for Human Rights Dr Shireen M Mazari has said that the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Council of Foreign Ministers (CFM) hosted by Pakistan was a major success for Pakistan & PTI government.

In a tweet, she said that combating Islamophobia, which has been spearheaded by Prime Minister Imran Khan on all international forums, was recognised as a central issue for OIC.

She said that equally critical from Pakistan’s point of view, OIC resolution was endorsing Pakistan’s call for a joint probe into the Indian missile firing of 9 March, adding, “Not just the scale of Conference but agreement on critical issues from Kashmir & Palestine (resolve to move beyond rhetoric) to Afghanistan to plight of Muslims in different parts of world”.