Halting use of money to purchase vote imperative to strengthen democracy: Farrukh

Halting use of money to purchase vote imperative to strengthen democracy: Farrukh

ISLAMABAD, Mar 21 (APP): Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting Farrukh Habib on Monday said that to strengthen democracy in the country it was imperative to block the use of money for purchasing loyalties of the elected representatives.

Talking to media persons here, he said that opposition leaders Asif Zardari, Shebhaz Sharif and Fazlur Rehman have played the unholy game of horse trading to topple the elected government.

He said now the important matter was in the Supreme Court which would interpret the Artcile 63-A of the constitution.

He said everyone saw that money was also spent in the Senate elections and Yousuf Raza Gilani’s son admitted that the leaked video was genuine and the matter was in Election Commission of Pakistan. The minister said that the government had delivered as the direction of Pakistan’s economy was right and exports have been increasing during the PTI government.

He said that Prime Minister Imran Khan would complete 5 year term and he will also be elected for the next five years. To a question, he said that under the constitution, everyone has the right to peaceful protest, but if the opposition would break the law, they would be brought to book.

He said the government had taken the allies along before, and it will take them on board in the future as well. He said that some elements have been involved in conspiracies against the government from day one but like their past conspiracies, no-confidence motion would also fail.

He said that dissident PTI members would come back and the opposition parties celebrations would be disrupted.

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