GSP Plus: Governor returns home after paying 10-day EU visit

GSP Plus: Governor returns home after paying 10-day EU visit

LAHORE, Oct 21 (APP): Punjab Governor Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar Thursday returned to Lahore after completing his 10-day visit to the Europe Union countries regarding the extension of GSP Plus status for Pakistan.

During his visit, he met four vice presidents of European Parliament, 30 MPs of Italy, senators, ministers from Hungary and Austria and Overseas Pakistanis. He also addressed a Kashmir Conference ‘Aik Shaam Kashmir Ke Naam’ in Italy.

According to a spokesman for the Governor’s House here, Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar returned to Lahore after successfully completing his visit to Europe. During his visit, he met more than 30 members of the European Parliament including Dr Fabio Castaldo, Pedro Silva and Heidi Hutala, as well as members of parliament in Italy, Hungary and Austria, senators and ministers, for the extension of GSP Plus status for Pakistan.

Pakistan’s role for peace, Kashmir and Palestine issue, religious freedom of minorities in Pakistan and measures for their protection, Afghanistan and other issues were discussed in the meetings.

The Punjab governor also had important meetings with leaders of European Parliament’s Human Rights Committee and other important committees. EU Pak Friendship Federation Chairman Parvaiz Iqbal Losar and Coordinator Farooq Arshad were also present.

Talking to the media here at Governor’s House, Ch Sarwar said that extension of GSP Plus status was a challenge for the country, adding that India had been spreading negative propaganda against Pakistan but during his visit to Europe, he presented all facts to the members of European Parliament. He said that the EU parliamentarians appreciated Pakistan’s role for peace and the steps taken to protect minorities.

The governor said that anti-Pakistan forces including India had been obstructing the extension of GSP Plus status for Pakistan in the past, but we are united as a team to thwart India’s plans. He said that despite Indian propaganda, not only Pakistan achieved GSP Plus status but would also succeed in extending it.

Chaudhry Sarwar said that minorities were safe in Pakistan and human rights were also being ensured across the country.

Pakistan armed forces and the citizens of Pakistan were working together to end terrorism and eliminate their facilitators. He said that the minorities in India, including Muslims, were being victimised and massacred by the terrorist RSS and Indian security forces.

He said that it was a fact that until the Kashmir issue was resolved, peace in the region was not possible.