GPKSC condemns French President's hate speech against Islam

MIRPUR (AJK): Oct 27 (APP): Chairman of the United Kingdom-based Global Pak Kashmir Supreme Council (GPKSC) Raja Sikander Khan here Tuesday strongly condemned the hate speech of the French president against the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) which severely hurt the religious feelings of the Muslim ummah across the globe.

Sikander, currently on official visit to Pakistan and AJK, said while talking to newsmen here said that the Government of Pakistan should call back its ambassador from France as a mark of immediate protest against the blasphemous remarks of the President of France – who seems to be a mentally sick person, he added.

Raja Sikander Khan said that all the Islamic countries should call back their respective ambassadors from France as a mark of extreme protest and indignation against the French President’s hate speech against our beloved prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Raja Sikander Khan said “the entire Muslim Ummah across the globe should immediately boycott French products as before Muslims nothing is greater than our deep rooted love with Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) from each core of our heat”, he added.

He called upon the Muslim Ummah for getting united and condemn the hate speech of President of France against our beloved prophet Muhammad (PBUH) until he apologizes with the entire Muslim Ummah.

The GPKSC Chairman Raja Sikander Khan further appealed to the Muslim Ummah living across the globe to take to the street protest demonstrations in front of the French Embassies and consulates until the President of France realizes his blunder and mistake and dually apologies from the entire Islamic world, he added.