ISLAMABAD, Jun 28 (APP): Minister of State for Interior and
Education, Engineer Baligh ur Rehman Tuesday said that government
had decided to launch projects like safe city in other big cities of
the country to control crimes.

The CCTV cameras were installed in Karachi and Rawalpindi like
Islamabad, he said.

Talking to PTV, he said it has been decided to analyze database of Karachi through National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) that was a well equipped department.

He said National Alien Registration Authority (NARA) has also
been attached with NADRA for this purpose.

The data of Afghani migrants was also available with the
country that was attained from High Commission for Refugees, the
minister said.

He informed to launch an sms service from July 2016, for the
people to verify their family members registered with NADRA.
“We will remove weaknesses in the system within available
resources”, he added.

He said the Prime Minister had started Karachi operation with
the consultation of all stakeholder that has given remarkable
results for maintaining peace in business hub of the country.

The results of implementation on National Action Plan (NAP),
he said, are visible across the country particularly in Balochistan
and Sindh.

All points of NAP were being implemented to restore peace,
Baligh maintained, saying that 100 percent mobile sims had been made
biometrics, action was taken for hated speeches and seminaries were
registered under this plan.

He said military courts were established under an constitutional amendment and its tenure is two year.

To a question, he said ongoing operation Zarb e Azb would be
completed after achievements of all set targets.

The situation in Balochistan, he said, has been improved while
the no go areas in FATA also have been eliminated due to sincere
efforts of the government for peace.

He said no terrorism outfit would be allowed to operate with
another name in the country and facilitator of terrorists would also
be booked.

To a question, he said the murder of renowned Qawwal Amjad
Sabri and kidnapping of Awais Shah were the attempts to spread
unrest and uncertainty in the country, adding, the nation couldn’t
loss its commitment against terrorism by such coward incident.
The mechanism of information sharing among the intelligence
institutions have been improved, he said.

Baligh ur Rehman said Islamabad was the first city of the country where CCTV cameras have been installed that were helping in reducing crime rate.

The same projects would also be introduced in other big cities of the country to ensure security measures.

The federal government, he said, would assist the Sindh government in raising of its personnel.

He said after introduction of cyber crime bill, the cyber law would be more effective to control social media.