Govt to complete tenure, to get power again after 2018 polls

LAHORE, Sep 2 (APP): Brushing aside the tall claims and
repeated predictions by certain opposition leaders, Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif Friday said the incumbent government would not only complete its five year term but would also come to power again after 2018 polls due to its development agenda.

“Three and a half years have passed. One and a half year
is remaining. It will follow the elections and Allah will bestow us with power again,” the prime minister said addressing a public gathering after launching work on Rs 24 billion Lahore Eastern Bypass at Kala Shah Kaku here.

He said the wise political leader was the one who perceived the public desire, who just wanted deliverance from poverty, hunger, unemployment and inflation, besides wishing for colleges, hospitals and motorways.

The prime minister, who was accompanied by Minister for
Defense Production Rana Tanveer Hussain and other party
leaders told the gathering of thousands of party workers that in the bye polls in Jhelum and Burewala, people have proved what they desired.

He said the two so called leaders had been predicting the
fall of the present government and trying to launch movement against it.

“You could have come to power in 2013 but now your
chances are over,” he remarked addressing an opposition party without naming it.

Prime Minister Sharif said in TV talk shows, a politician from Rawalpindi had been repeatedly predicting the government’s fall in March, June, September and October and in summer or winter but the government would complete its remaining term of one and a half year.

“You (Sheikh Rashid) should get ready for next election. Next time, you will not even get chance to become member of the (National) Assembly,” the prime minister said.

He said the PML N believed in the politics of values,
not power and it never tells lies to the people.

He said as per their commitment, the power plants were
being installed countrywide and reiterated that load shedding would be overcome by 2018.

The prime minister told the gathering that the
government was going to build 40 more hospitals across the country with accumulative 10,000 beds capacity.

Referring to his Thursday’s visit to Gwadar and Sibbi,
the prime minister said Balochistan was going to become prosperous as it was government’s main focus.

He said the roads were being constructed in Balochistan
where there was no concept of roads. The province would be developed at par with Karachi, Lahore or any other developed city. Gwadar would become a pride for Pakistan, he added.

The prime minister said the government’s efforts for
three and a half year were coming to fruition and hoped the country would progress with even swifter pace.
He said the world was acknowledging the progress made

by Pakistan and the country would get rid of all issues if the present development pace continues.

The prime minister said after completion of Eastern
Bypass, the people would be able to travel to Lahore without
any traffic jam. It would be a six lane facility, he added.

He also announced a road project between Baddu Malhi and
Kala Shah Kaku, an interchange on Lahore Islamabad Motorway at Pindi Das point, Sher Shah Suri Road and an overhead bridge from Imamia Colony Railway crossing to Shahadra.

He thanked the people of Kala Shah Kaku for overwhelming
support during his march from Lahore to Islamabad for restoration of judges in 2007.

In his address, Minister for Defence Production Rana
Tanveer Hussain said the government had inherited several challenges like dysfunctional institutions, energy and economic crises and terrorism, but under the prudent leadership of the prime minister, the government had successfully tackled all these challenges.

He said load shedding was about to end and foreign
exchange reserves had reached $24 billion despite several conspiracies to impede the national development.

He said Pakistan could surpass Malaysia and Korea
in development, if Nawaz Sharif was given 10 years to serve the country.

The minister lauded the vision and development agenda of
the prime minister and said the latter would be remembered as ‘builder of Pakistan.’

He hoped that consequent to PML N’s development plans,
Pakistan would rise as a prosperous, strong, stable and a
respectable country by 2018.

Criticizing certain opposition parties, the minister
said they were serving the cause of anti Pakistan forces through agitation and protest movement, but the nation would never let such forces succeed in their nefarious designs.