Capital to get 23 Miyawaki urban forests: Zartaj
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LAHORE, Oct 29 (APP):State Minister for Climate Change Zartaj Gul on Thursday said the PTI government had initiated unprecedented initiatives to tackle environmental challenges in the country.

She was addressing as chief guest at an awareness seminar on skin whitening creams and soaps for compliance of Minatama Convention on mercury here.

The incumbent government under the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan was making tireless efforts to secure future of the next generations regarding protection of environment.

She reiterated that the government was taking such measures that had never been
taken in the past for climate change. International bodies had also appreciated the steps taken in two years by the PTI government, she added.

The billion tree campaign, clean and green initiative, ban on plastic bags, solid waste
management, water waste and many other steps were hallmark of the PTI’s vision
to protect the environment, she said.

On excessive use of mercury in skin whitening creams and soaps, she said the government
was actively working on the matter as a deadline of December 31 had been given to the
Pakistan Cosmetics Manufacturing Association and other relevant industries for compliance
of Minatama Convention guidelines on use of mercury.

The state minister stressed that the government did not want to create hurdles for the industry but at the same time, no compromise would be made on quality standards in products.

To a question, she said that smog phenomenon was not developed overnight as it had emerged for last couple of years, however, the provincial government was taking several measures to combat it.