ISLAMABAD, Dec 14 (APP):Minister for Human Rights (MOHR) Dr Shireen Mazari Saturday said Pakistan Tehree-e-Insaf government under the leadership of Prime minister Imran Khan is committed to protecting rights of every child in Pakistan and provide them access to development opportunities without any discrimination.

The incumbent government is fully aware of its responsibilities and it is need of the hour to work jointly for the child right law awareness and to change social attitudes with the collaboration of all stake holders, she said while talking to PTV.

She said Imran Khan’s government is committed to fulfilling obligations to protect children, and the human rights ministry is focusing on protecting children from child abuse and taking practical measures against this menace.

The minister said many government/non-government institutions have launched awareness campaign in the country especially in rural areas, villages through advertisement, electronic, print and social media for the protection of human rights.

Government is continuously striving hard to protect rights of the children along with their welfare besides ensuring adequate educational and training facilities, she added.

β€œChild protection is a special priority of the government, our leadership is committed to provide a safe environment that ensures serious development of children’s capabilities and talents,” Dr. Mizari said.

With zero tolerance towards child abuse, the ministry of Human Rights is also raising awareness and making it increasingly easy for residents of Islamabad to report child abuse cases.

She urged that civil society, academia , parents and media to play a responsible role in this regard.

She highlighted the impact of abuse on the children and the role of teachers in sensitizing them and raising awareness on self-protection.

β€œIt is very important that we work collectively to raise awareness amongst communities, especially the vulnerable and those devoid of technology or infrastructure, so that they have the confidence to report cases of child abuse”, she added.

She emphasized that besides child right legislation and its implementation, awareness raising is the first step.

The minister emphasized that parents should encourage children to speak out whenever they feel uncomfortable.

She said child abuse was a big issue and the PTI government was doing legislation in this regard.

With the education syllabus teachers should also educate the students about their basic rights and child abuse awareness, she urged.

For the purpose MoHR had launched an awareness campaign in schools of federal capital specially in rural areas where with they also called the parents to discuss the rights of their child to create awareness among families.

She said they were sensitizing parents, teachers and students about protecting children against any kind of abuse and recognise their basic rights.

Purpose of this initiative is to raise awareness among masses on violations of their rights, especially sexual violence, child labor and children on the street.

In addition, the campaign also aimed to educate parents and guardians about the importance of taking steps to avoid secure their children in crowds and rushy areas, she added.