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FAISALABAD, Dec 9 (APP):State Minister for Interior Talal Badar Chaudhary on Saturday said the PML-N government attached top priority to development of the country and was providing the maximum relief to people by strengthening economy on strong footings.
Addressing the Jaranwala Bar Association here, he said that the country was facing loadshedding and terrorism when the PML-N came to power in 2013.
He said: “Now we have successfully resolved all these issues while more job opportunities will be created through the CPEC related projects”.
He said: “Our opponents first leveled unfounded allegations of rigging despite of the fact that another government had conducted these elections”. He added sit-in was also another conspiracy to cripple the economy of the country. However, the PML-N government continued its efforts to develop motorways, set up power plants and expedite the economic activities in the country.
He said the PML-N successfully handled the situation and now the situation was improving as the government had resolved the issue of loadshedding.
Talal Chaudhary also underlined the importance of lawyers and said their problems would be resolved on top priority basis.
The minister assured that he would try his best to arrange grant of Rs 2.5 million for Jaranwala Bar.