ISLAMABAD, Jun 10 (APP):The government and opposition here on Wednesday agreed to hold the budget session with maximum presence of 86 legislators in the National Assembly.
Due to coronavirus pandemic, it had been agreed that 46 lawmakers of the government and 40 lawmakers of the opposition parties would attend the session.
The attendance of the lawmakers would be marked at Gate No. 1, however, it would not be compulsory for the members to attend the sitting.
No voting would be conducted on cut motions submitted or moved by the lawmakers in budget session.
It had also been agreed that all standard operating procedures (SOPs) with regard to prevention of the Covid-19 pandemic, including social distancing norms would also be adopted.
Following these SOPs, only 86 chairs were placed in the House for MNAs and according to the rule 5 of the lower house, it was necessary to have one-fourth of the total membership of the assembly to continue the session.
The National Assembly consisted of a total of 342 members of which 272 were directly elected through general election.
Sixty MNAs were indirectly elected on reserved seats for women and 10 against reserved seats for religious minorities.