Govt neither indulges in creating rumpus in NA , nor desires so: Qureshi

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Govt neither indulges in creating rumpus in NA , nor desires so: QureshiISLAMABAD, June 14 (APP): Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi on Monday said that the government neither indulged in creating rumpus in the parliament nor desired so.

“Members of the opposition parties have every right to criticize but parameters should be determined,” Qureshi said while talking to media with respect to the attitude of opposition parties in the National Assembly here at the Parliament House.

He referred to the behavior of opposition members during the budget speech of Finance Minister in the National Assembly on Friday and questioned as to who was creating rumpus and using un-parliamentary language.

“To which party the women members, who left their seats and approached the treasury benches, belonged?” Qureshi questioned.

“In such a situation when the members of treasury were perturbed over the attitude of opposition, I tried to resolve the matter and sought time from the Speaker on a point of order, but could not talk and the House was adjourned,” the Foreign Minister explained.

He said the opposition had the right to debate, but the government members should also be allowed to present their stance.

“It is not appropriate that you come, speak and leave [the House]. And your members do not let the government side to present its point of view,” he remarked.

The Foreign Minister further said that there was no one-way traffic in democracy, which moved ahead on two wheels. “If such an attitude continues, we will not be able to move forward,” he added.