Govt making strategy to provide relief to poor people: Musadiq

ISLAMABAD, May 26 (APP): Pakistan Muslim League’s (Nawaz) Senator Musadiq Malik on Thursday said that the government was making a strategy to provide relief to poor people.

The discussion was being made with International Monetary Funds (IMF) to agree on soft agreements, he said while talking to a private television channel.

We have made three strategies so that poor person could be protected from changing prices on petroleum, he added.

Commenting on early elections as demanded by Imran Khan through public gatherings, he said the government was working on various options and would decide accordingly that when to announce the elections’ date.

Musaddiq Malik also said the electronic voting machines (EVMs) were not a suitable method to achieve error-free results. The Senator said, many advanced countries had reported flaws in the EVM system.

In reply to a question about voting rights for Overseas Pakistanis, he said, the PML-N had great desire to provide full rights to expats in next polling.