ISLAMABAD, June 23 (APP): Minister for Human Rights Kamran Michael on Thursday said that ministry is coordinating with the provincial governments to introduce subject of Human Rights in their respective curricula to raise awareness on the fundamental rights.

The Ministry will launch campaigns and form district level committees across the country to counter the issue of child marriages and other human rights violations.

Addressing as chief guest at a workshop on child marriages, he said the government is fully cognizant of its responsibilities and undertaking various legislative and administrative measures accordingly to curb this menace from the society.

The workshop was organized by Ministry of Human Rights in collaboration with the Parliamentarian Commission for Human Rights to highlight achievements of the government on the subject so far to recommend a way forward for its strict implementation.

The minister assured that the government will continue to review Child Marriage Restraint Act, 1929, for more effectiveness and also introduce new administrative and policy measures to counter the incidents of child marriages.

He added that collaborated efforts from all the stakeholders are needed to curb this menace from the society and to secure future of our younger generation.

He stressed the need to create awareness among masses on the physical and psychological hazards of marriages contracted among minors.

The workshop was attended by representatives of relevant Federal Ministries, Provincial Departments, Social Welfare and Human Rights organizations and media persons.