ISLAMABAD, Feb 7 (APP):Spokesperson of the Prime Minister of Pakistan Nadeem Afzal Chan on Friday said Prime Minister Imran Khan rules out reconciliation with corrupt elements as corrupt politicians had plundered the national exchequer in past and dented the national economy.

Talking to a private news channel the spokesperson said that incumbent government wanted to continue the political and democratic process smoothly but the opposition parties always opposed the government’s progressive initiatives as they only preferred their own interest.

He said that opposition wanted Public Accounts Committee (PAC) chairmanship but the whole leadership of PML-N had gone to London and enjoying the holidays on peoples’ tax money,moreover masses wanted a positive role from the opposition.

Replying to a question he said, the businessmen joined politics to gain personal benefits which defamed the country’s image and political system also,PTI had introduced the culture of debate over the national issues including the elimination of corrupt mafia from the country.

Government taking all best possible measures to control inflation and unemployment by providing reasonable loans to the entrepreneurs,he added.