Govt committed to meaningful implementation of NAP: Ahsan Iqbal

APP57-11 KARACHI: September 11 - Interior Minister Prof. Ahsan Iqbal talking to media persons after laying floral wreath at Mazar-e-Quaid. APP

KARACHI, Sep 11 (APP): PML (N) government is strongly committed
to efficient implementation of National Action Plan (NAP), said
Federal Minister for Interior Affairs, Ahsan Iqbal here on Monday.
Talking to media after offering fateha and laying floral wreath
at the Mazar-e-Quaid e Azam, he said NAP has emerged as an efficient
tool to help eliminate sectarianism and bigotry in the country.
“We in close coordination with provincial governments have
managed to bring under control law and order situation across the
country,” he said.
The minister, however, said country was presently exposed to
several other extremely serious challenges and that all measures were
being adopted to counter these,” said the interior minister.
In reply to a question about Ansar ul Sharia and reported rise in
the interest of local youth towards proscribed organizations, Ahsan
Iqbal said a collective approach is underway to address the situation.
Higher Education Commission (HEC-Pakistan) and other institutions
of higher education are on board with equal attention towards revision
in educational curriculum of secondary and higher school levels,
he said.
Federal Ministry of Interior alongwith other relevant ministries
were said to be presently in process of holding youth conference in
Islamabad very soon.
This was said to be followed across the country to help start a
culture of knowledge based capacity building and leadership skills
among the young participants.
In particular context of Karachi, he said Pakistan Rangers –
Sindh and provincial as well as federal governments have through a
unified approach restored normalcy and consequently the public
`There is marked improvement in the situation with significant
decline in the crime rates and incidence of terrorism,” he said.
Reiterating that country has registered marked improvement in
almost all spheres of life, he said 10,000 mega-watts of electricity have been added to
the national grid in past four years enabling many of the closed industrial units to resume
at least one to two shifts.
This, he said has direct bearing on national economy with trickle
down impact on the lives of people in general.
International cricket matches alongwith other sports activities
were said to be a manifestation of the prudent policies adopted by the
present government.

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Minister Ahsan Iqbal said peace is fast returning to Karachi and
Balochistan and situation in 2017 is far better compared to 2013 when
many parts of the country braved 20 hours long load shedding while
lawlessness had pushed national economy to the brink of collapse.
To another query, he said country is still exposed to varied
degrees of challenges and there is urgent need for introspection with
equal attention to keep constant vigil on one’s own weaknesses.
Terrorists and unscrupulous elements are using technology to
prevail upon our youth leaves little room for complacency, said the
federal minister for interior.
“The fact that social media is being used as a tool makes it
important for both the federal and provincial governments to join
hands and defeat extremism,” he said.
Federal Interior Minister assured the media men that
international cricket matches will soon be organized in Karachi too
reminding that the world team that has reached Lahore comprises best
cricketers of the world.
He said it was due to concerted efforts of the federal and
provincial governments and armed forces that social, cultural,
literacy and educational activities have also been revived across the
“Our film industry is regaining its lost glory while series of
cultural, literary and educational festival are fast emerging as a
norm,” he said claiming that tourism too is regaining popularity among
the local population.
“With an outright positive mindset we are on our way to turn
country into an Asian Tiger by 2025 and help its inclusion among the
25 top most economies of the world,” said Ahsan Iqbal.
He said September 21, the World Peace Day will be celebrated in
the country with a new zeal to make people, particularly youth
decipher the importance of peace and threats of terrorism.

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