Gohar Ejaz assumes charge as Caretaker Commerce Minister

Gohar ejaz

ISLAMABAD, Aug 18 (APP):Renowned industrialist and social activist Dr Gohar Ejaz on Friday assumed charge as the Caretaker Minister for Commerce and Industry marking a significant development in the country’s economic landscape.

The minister was given briefing about the functioning and responsibilities of the ministries of Commerce Division and Industry, said a news release.

With a visionary approach, Gohar Ejaz set forth ambitious goals as minister. He expressed a strong commitment to increase domestic exports to $80 billion, giving a new impetus to the commercial and industrial scenario of the country.

He vowed to tackle complexities as challenges in the commercial sector. He accepted the position with the intention to make the state enterprises profitable entities during his tenure with his adeptness at strategic decision-making in the pursuit of economic prosperity, he added.

The minister said in order to foster innovation and industry growth, he planned to launch flagship projects within the Special Economic Zones, with a specific focus on the garments sector.

“These initiatives will stimulate economic activity, create employment opportunities, and further solidify the country’s position on the global economic stage,” he hoped.

Gohar Ejaz also voiced his concerns regarding subsidies granted to the state-owned enterprises, which, he said, would be gradually phased out these subsidies, a move that aligned with his overarching goal of streamlining operations, enhancing efficiency, and ensuring sustainable economic progress.

“As Dr Gohar Ejaz embarks on this new chapter as Caretaker Federal Minister for Commerce, his strategic vision and resolute determination promise to usher in a transformative era, reinvigorating the commercial and industrial landscape of the nation,” the press release said.

Gohar Ejaz’s appointment had been widely accepted by the community in view of his extensive experience and unwavering dedication to the betterment of the nation, it added.

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