By Shabbir Hussain

ISLAMABAD, Dec 6 (APP):The head of Press and Cultural Section of German Embassy Islamabad, Christine Rosenberger on Monday warned intending emigrants to Germany not to fall prey to human traffickers as the country has no jobs to offer.

The First Secretary said human traffickers were using deceitful tactics to entice innocent job seekers in Europe and they were being trapped in the hands of these crooks playing with their lives, she said in an exclusive chat with APP.

She said the emigrants/refugees who somehow manage to reach borders for entrance into Europe and Germany told the media that they were lured with the potential job market, absorbing five thousand emigrants daily by German corporations. “There was no truth in it and it was just to deceit innocents” she remarked.
She said the enticement by human traffickers was so attractive that people are told that the travelling, “Ship for the crossing of Mediterranean Sea is so big that even it has a pool and a cinema in it.”
In reality to maximize the profit,she said, human smugglers often use only the sub-standard low quality boats, not even fit for sailing on the sea waters.
Sharing the figures relating to the boat incidents of only year 2016, she said more than 5,000 precious human lives were lost while crossing the Mediterranean Sea on such boats, being hired by the traffickers.
She also refuted speculations that Germany was willing to accommodate 800,000 Afghan refugees alone and termed it “totally baseless”
Rosenberger said immigration case to Germany was being examined exclusively and it has no policy for a specific country to allow thousands of migrants in one go.
“Although there is a need for skilled workforce but those entering Germany illegally will not be able to get a job as German government does not provide refuge with a job” she clarified.
To a question Christine said human smugglers’ tactic that her country was offering a welcome payment, a house and a lucrative job to every refugee was mere a feed for the prey.She categorically negated such offers, saying “honestly finding a place to live in Germany, especially in big cities is an Herculean task.”
She said, “You cannot choose freely where to live while you seek asylum and may have to stay in remote places where nobody understands your language and may face severe hardships.”
She also rejected the notion being spread by human traffickers that if someone was denied stay in Germany would be issued Canadian visa.
Rosenberger said, “Canada may be a dream destination for many. But Germany is not the way to get there. This is straight nonsense. No such agreement whatsoever exists between Germany and Canada – or any other country.”