Foreign funding case is not ordinary case: Atta Tarar

Elahi playing facilitator's role to advance Imran's 'anti-state narrative': Tarar
Elahi playing facilitator's role to advance Imran's 'anti-state narrative': Tarar

ISLAMABAD, Aug 17 (APP):Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (SAPM) Attaullah Tarar on Wednesday said that foreign funding case was not an ordinary case as it proved that Jews and Indian people had funded Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) against Pakistan.

Addressing a press conference here, the SAPM said that it had been proven that PTI was a foreign-funded party which did politics on the Army’s martyrs to divert public attention away from its foreign (prohibited) funding.

“Prohibited funding is not an issue as this case is being proceeded in the courts and the PTI will be strictly punished for its violation of Election Commission rules. Our major concern is that why Jews and Indian citizens funded a political party in Pakistan. Obviously they have their own interests with PTI that are surely to destabilize Pakistan and its economy,” he informed.

Replying to the statement of PTI Leader Fawad Chaudhary about the torture on Shahbaz Gill, Atta Tarar said that Shahbaz Gill was imprisoned in Adyala Jail which was under the control of Punjab Government so there was no justification in this statement.

He said that if the PTI statement of torturing Shahbaz Gill was true then Chief Minister Punjab and Interior Minister Punjab should be held responsible of torture as they were controlling Adyala Jail.

There should not be any kind of torture on any one in jail, he said and stated that PTI during its government had banned the medicines of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif. PTI government imprisoned Maryam Nawaz Sharif in special cell of jail where only killers or high level culprits are imprisoned. They tortured Rana Sana Ullah by not providing him with a fan despite sever hot weather and he was also heart patient.

He said that PTI during its tenure had kept Ahad Cheema, an honest officer, on remand in a fake case for 90 days in NAB which was clearly a case of political victimization. “We patiently faced all this political victimization. We are not taking revenge now as Shahbaz Gill is facing serious charges,” he added.

He said that Punjab Chief Minister and Minister for Interior had posted the high officials of Adyala Jail only to protect a criminal who had criticized Pakistan Armed Forces following the foreign agenda.

He said that Shahbaz Gill’s confession during interrogation proved it was a premeditated conspiracy which was dictated from Bani Gala and that more remand was being demanded for further interrogation.

“Such a big conspiracy which was aimed at inciting revolt within the armed forces had never taken place in the country’s history,” he said, adding the PTI had tried to defame the armed forces.

He said the ‘Jewish and Indian’ funded PTI had been lobbying in their favour and interests in the country, adding that PTI was also a beneficiary of the donation received from Romita Shetty, who was an American businesswoman of Indian origin.

“PTI chief should explain his relations with individuals like Inder Dosanjh, Viral Lal, Michael Lane, Chiranjit Singh, Varsha Lathra, and others who had sent funds to his party from abroad,” he said.

The SAPM said despite knowing the fact that every citizen of Pakistan had listened to Shahbaz Gill’s statement, the PTI chief was still reluctant to disown his remarks.

He said the leaders and workers of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) had been facing fake cases that were lodged by PTI government against them. He said PTI badly failed to prove a single case of corruption against the PML-N leaders.

Tarar said Imran, who used to level baseless allegations against the PML-N leadership, himself owned properties abroad.

“Imran Khan is pursuing the agenda of country’s enemies,” he said adding that Shahbaz Gill was a permanent resident of the United State of America (USA).

He said Imran Khan did not declare Al Qadir University as a Trust. In the past, Jahangir Tareen had been disqualified by Election Commission for not declaring a trust. Under that rule, Election Commission should also now disqualify Imran Khan for not declaring his assets.

Imran Khan and Bushra BiBi were funding this Al Qadir University owned by Zulfi Bukhari. Moreover, Imran Khan had not declared hundreds of Kanals of land, adding, the double standard of justice was not acceptable.

Tarar asked that if Imran Khan could not be disqualified then how Mian Nawaz Sharif was disqualified for not taking salary from his son. Replying to a question, he said that the main reason of inflation was the poor performance of PTI during its 3.5 years government.