ISLAMABAD, Dec 16 (APP):Mishal Malik, wife of jailed Kashmiri freedom movement leader Yasin Malik Monday said that extremist Indian government cannot hoodwink the International community for long time as Modi has now become a symbol of hatred and fear.

In her video message on Private news channel, she criticized that Modi has not been able to run the government before, adding, Modi has seen a sharp crackdown against Muslims not only Kashmiris he also snatching the identity of Assam citizens as well.

She said India has committed criminal offence by scraping special status of Indian occupied Kashmir. It is unfortunate that despite Indian atrocities, international criminal silence is prevalent.

Modi is pursuing Hitlor’s policies by committing massive genocide of people of Kashmir, Mishal added.

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She said New Delhi has become a rape capital of the world, adding, India is not a safe place for women and minorities.

Leader said the brave people of Kashmir have been struggling for their legit right of self-determination but India is an oppressor state and committing state terrorism in Indian occupied Kashmir.

The people of Kashmir are eyeing upon the United Nations and international community to intervene and play effective role to stop Indian atrocities in Indian occupied Kashmir, she demanded .

She said despite using force and weapons, Indian troops have failed to suppress indigenous freedom movement and silent the voice of Kashmiri people.

India is ruling the land, but not the Kashmiri people, she said, adding, Pakistan is the only country who is advocating the case of Kashmir at international front.

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Mishal said Modi has malicious agenda to change demography of Kashmir but he cannot be succeed at any cost.

Kashmiris have rejected Indian oppression and would never compromise on Kashmir cause, she made it clear.

Indian governments always deceived the people of Kashmir with packs of lies, she tells.
The people of Kashmir will resist till their last breaths, she said.

Pakistan has left no stone unturned to sensitize the world regarding Kashmir issue. There are some sane voices with in India who are criticizing Modi’s policies and raining Kashmir issue, she added.

We are highly those countries who are supporting Pakistan’s stance regarding Kashmir at international front, she praised.