MIRPUR (AJK): , Feb 10 (APP):President Sardar Masood Khan has stressed the students to focus on learning English language and literature side by side their mother tongues.

Speaking as the chief guest at the opening ceremony of English access micro scholarship program under the University of Poonch’s vision building future program on Monday, he said that it was inevitable to have command over the English language to learn and study science, technology and other modern sciences.

The English access micro scholarship program for the youth from the age of 13 to 18, has been launched with the cooperation of the US administrative to provide better education and job opportunities to the youth in future.

The AJK president said that close relations existed between Pakistan and the United States in different sectors including education since 1950s.

He thanked the US administration for launching this program in Pakistan and Azad Kashmir, and said that being an international language, English has its own importance. “In spite of emotional and psychological attachment with their mother tongues, the whole debates and official correspondents on the committee level in the European Parliament takes place in the English language,” he added.

Masood Khan said “We will have to learnt a lesson from the past, and make planning to brighten our future. Therefore, the youth should come forward as a symbol of change in the society.”