ISLAMABAD, Feb 14 (APP):Wafaqi Mohtasib’s Commissioner for Children and Transgender Syeda Waqar un Nisa Hashmi has said that concerted efforts were being made to curb cyber crimes against children by addressing systemic issues through short, medium and long term measures.

She told APP that the Wafaqi Mohtasib had formed a high-level task force, which was meeting almost every week to evolve a holistic plan of action to curb cyber crimes against children in the country.

Viqar un Nisa, who is also the task force convener, said so far the forum met three times in almost month time, whereas it finalized its Terms of Reference (ToRs)in its maiden meeting that held at the last month.

She said the decision regarding formation of two sub committees was taken in its second meeting. It was meant to take specific actions for effectively curbing the growing cyber crime against children in the country, she added.

To a query, she said the participants of task were briefed on the laws dealing with cyber crimes against children during the recent held meeting.

She said the task force was formed after realizing bottlenecks in the contemporary system. It included officials from the Law Enforcement Agencies, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, a psychologist with expertise in the relevant field and parliamentarians, she added.

She said the task force’s ToRs focused on identifying practical challenges to prevent dissemination of pornographic material, reviewing cyber crime laws, enhancing coordination among the LEAs, establishing cyber crime cells in police stations and constituting thematic sub-committees for the purpose.