PM desires to see Karachi back to 'city of lights', says Governor Sindh

ISLAMABAD, July 13 (APP): Minister of State for Privatization Muhammad Zubair on Wednesday said the economy is taking strides due to prudent economic policies of the present government.

“The economy is showing unprecedented growth and it had been acknowledged by international rating agencies who have declared Pakistan as one of the top emerging economies of Asia,” he said in a private news channel program.

He said the stock market has jumped from 19000 points in 2013 to 39000 points at present and the listed companies are showing outstanding corporate results except the oil sector which depressed due to price decrease in international market.

“Inflation is at the lowest ebb of last 40 years and industry is being provided uninterrupted power supply except Ramazan,” he said and added, no government could mature the LNG deal during last 15 years and it was done by
the present government.

He said there had been worst economic indicators during years 2008-13.

But, today remittances have grown to US$ 19 billion from US$ 13 billion of 2013. In exports, the numbers of units have increased although it is not reflecting improvement amount wise due to global economic recession.

He said after 1994, it is for the first time that international rating agencies have declared Pakistani economy as stable. “It was declared stable just for a short period 2007 but with the imposition of emergency, it had again declined the graph.”

Answering a question about Chaudhry Aitzaz Ahsan’s demand to take  action against the persons who had displayed the controversial banner, he said, action would be taken against them.

“Chaudhry Aitzaz desires conflict between the civil and military leadership but it will not happen,” he added.

Zubair said agitation is right of the opposition but they should avoid any such conflict that harms the national interests and economic growth.