ISLAMABAD, Jan 24 (APP):Minister for Foreign Affairs Shah Mahmood Qureshi Thursday said that a dynamic diplomacy could  help Pakistan cope with the existing huge challenges and capitalizing the emerging opportunities.

Addressing the participants of 38th diplomatic course here, the foreign minister said Pakistan had  produced outstanding diplomats but it failed for not standing up to the challenges.

He said Pakistan was faced with huge challenges and the Foreign Office was leading from the  front.

“Pakistan today was facing huge economic challenge and I say with a lot of pride that Foreign
Office through its economic diplomacy is leading from the front and helping create an environment
that stabilizes Pakistan and Pakistan’s economy,” the foreign minister remarked.
He felicitated the participants over successful completion of the course who would soon be
joining the foreign ministry and urged them to keep up the learning process.
The foreign minister said the new graduates were about to join the foreign services at a time
when the diplomacy had become complex and challenging. The complexity had intensified with the
rise of new powers and the resulting competition between the new and old power houses had posed
new challenges to Pakistan’s foreign policy.
He said the emerging world order had also offered immense opportunities to Pakistan and a
dynamic foreign policy must capitalize those opportunities and respond to challenges.
The foreign minister said the diplomats had responsibility to respond to the very challenges and
represent Pakistan in the best possible manner besides protecting national interests at international
He expressed his trust in the foreign ministry for safeguarding and promoting the interests of
Reiterating Pakistan’s desire for peaceful and prosperous neighborhood, the foreign minister
said new officers would help Pakistan realize Pakistan’s potential for building an economically
prosperous Pakistan through regional trade and energy corridor.
He urged the diplomats to develop their expertise in politics and international law as well as
in public and economic diplomacy. They should be ready to navigate the onslaught of electronic
and social media, he added. They should also be quick to face any unpredictable situation and
respond it with clarity, he advised.
Foreign Minister Qureshi said he would also discuss with the foreign secretary as how to
upgrade the Foreign Services Academy. He said the Foreign Office was one institution that had
the capability to deliver and stood out among others.
He told the new graduates that they would have to act as a bridge between Pakistan and
the international community in order to further strengthen the relations.