Dr Faisal visits Sohan Basic Health Centre

ISLAMABAD, Oct 08 (APP): Special Assistant to Prime Minister (SAPM) on National Health Services, Regulations, and Coordination Dr. Faisal Sultan Friday visited the Sohan Basic Health Centre to monitor the medical services being offered to the citizens.

Dr. Faisal also received a briefing on available facilities at the center and directed the staff to ensure the provision of the best possible medical care to the incoming patients.

He assured that the government would ensure the implementation of its health reform agenda to make positive changes in hospitals.

The SAPM said that the government was committed to providing the best medical services at hospitals for mothers and children in the country.

He said that the major focus of the government was on strengthening the primary health care system in the country.

He said that the present government had paid special focus on the health sector by starting several mega projects.

He added latest medical equipment was being provided at public hospitals.

He said that innovative steps were being taken to further improve the facilities to control the mother and child mortality rate.

He also asked the citizens to come to the nearest center for vaccination against Coronavirus. He said that it was the responsibility of every eligible citizen to visit the vaccination center and protect them against Coronavirus.