LAHORE, Nov 1 (APP): Provincial Secretary Environment
Iqbal Muhammad Chauhan has directed all district officers
in the province to accelerate anti-dengue activities on
emergent basis.
Presiding over a meeting for eradication of dengue at
his office here Sunday, he said dengue was a collective problem
which could not be resolved without full participation of people.
He said people from all walks of life will have to
play their role in this regard.
The secretary stressed the need for creating anti-
dengue awareness activities in Multan and Rawalpindi, adding
all possible resources had been provided to concerned officers
in this regard.
A report was presented in the meeting, according to
which anti-dengue squads of the environment department
checked 18,738 tyre-shops, 11,887 godowns, junkyards,
various places at 2018 union councils and 2200 nurseries in
Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Sheikhupura, Multan and Rawalpindi
from January 1 to date. Notices have been issued to 4157
people so far under dengue rules and 348 cases have been