Diamer Bhasha Dam to generate 4,500mw power: Report

Diamer Bhasha Dam to generate 4,500mw power: Report
Diamer Bhasha Dam to generate 4,500mw power: Report

ISLAMABAD, Aug 26 (APP):The installed capacity of Diamer Bhasha Dam will be 4,500 Mega Watt (MW), which will generate 18,100 Gigawatt hours (GWh) power annually.

The gross storage capacity of the project will be 8.1 Million Acre Feet (MAF) with live storage capacity of 6.4 MAF.

The Information revealed in three years performance report of ministry of Water Resources launched by Prime Minister Imran Khan here on Thursday. The Diamer Basha Dam project is expected to be completed by April, 2029.

Diamer Basha Dam is being constructed on River Indus – 40 kilometer downstream of Chilas town. The project is of paramount importance for water, food and energy security of the country.

The total estimated cost of Diamer Basha Dam project is Rs.1406, 122 million which includes PC-I (acquisition of land & resettlement Rs. 175,436 million, PC-I (Dam Part Rs. 479,686 million while cost for PC-I (Power Generation Facilities yet to be approved) is Rs. 751,000 million.

Similarly, the amount spent by previous governments on the Dam is Rs. 86,685 million under acquisition of land & resettlement (AL&R) since 2009-10 while present government has spent Rs. Rs. 30273 million under AL&R and Rs. 51555 million under dam part.The total amount of Rs. 116,158 million has been spent under AL&R and Rs. 51,555 million under dam part.

The information further revealed that present government which is giving priority to completion of mega power projects and had earmarked Rs. 15,500 million for Dam Part and Rs. 7,000 million for AL&R during fiscal year 2020-21.