Declining current account deficit shows country’s economic success: Dr Moeed

Declining current account deficit shows country's economic success: Dr Moeed

ISLAMABAD, Mar 19 (APP):National Security Adviser (NSA) Dr Moeed Yusuf on Saturday said the current account deficit in February 2022 was recorded declining to US$ 0.5 billion that showed the country’s economic success.

In a series of tweets in his official Twitter handle the NSA wrote, “Pakistan’s future rests in economic security – a core feature of comprehensive national security. Current account deficit in Feb 22’ is down to $0.5b led by all-time high export numbers, and reduced imports”.

Dr Moeed underlined that continuous rising of exports and reduced imports were the main reasons behind shrinking of the current account deficit.

“This is critical for correcting external imbalances to support sustained growth and these numbers show the success Pakistan is having”, he further said.