DEA delegation calls on DG Customs Intelligence

DEA delegation calls on DG Customs Intelligence

ISLAMABAD, Dec 2 (APP): A high-powered delegation of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Department of Justice, USA, led by the Country Attaché for Pakistan Jaffrey A Konvalinka called on the Director General Customs Intelligence Faiz Ahmad, here, on Friday.

The DG explained to the delegation the core functions of customs intelligence and highlighted that the organization did not operate randomly but carried out its operations on the basis of credible information.

The DG further said the customs intelligence had fairly a good expertise in gathering information and the success rate of it hits was more than 90%.

However, he added, that with the support of the DEA of the US government, it would certainly improve Pakistan’s capacity further.

DEA delegation calls on DG Customs Intelligence

Jaffrey, the Country Attaché, said the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), of the US government, was established in 1973 and it has more than 4,000 employees located in hundreds of offices across the country and around the world to fulfil its mission.

The primary function of the DEA was the interdiction of controlled substances worldwide by collecting, analyzing and disseminating information on their movement.

He assured assistance of the Drug Enforcement Administration, Department of Justice, USA in capacity building of the Directorate General of Customs Intelligence on speedy information gathering and quality post-seizure investigations.

Meanwhile, the opening of a dedicated communication channel for improved coordination between the two agencies was also agreed during the meeting.

The Country Attaché Jaffrey also assured support for improved liaison and coordination between the Directorate General of Customs Intelligence and the Foreign Law Enforcement Community (FLEC) to meet new and emerging challenges with respect to narcotics interdiction in Pakistan and in the region.

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