‘Culture Caravan’ best way to explore rich regional history

'Culture Caravan' best way to explore rich regional history
ISLAMABAD, Sep 27 (APP):Minister of State for Tourism Wasi Shah on Wednesday said that ‘Culture Caravan’ was arranged to explore the rich history of the region and engage with experts to provide insight into the significance of Gandhara heritage.

He made the remarks while addressing the Caravan on World Tourism Day 2023 at Taxila, organized here by Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) in collaboration with its partners.

The minister, who is also Chairman of PTDC, said World Tourism Day is celebrated every year on September 27 under the auspices of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) to create awareness of and importance of tourism in the international community.

Wasi Shah said the government was taking significant steps to enhance foreign investment in the tourism industry and leaving no stone unturned to revive this sector.

Pakistan had great religious and cultural tourism potential which needed to be explored by devising tourism policies, he said. “Our country has seen an increase in the number of foreign tourists during the last few years and it is high time that we tap into this opportunity and provide them updated facilities like ‘theme parks’.”

He said the Day would promote tourism and the social and cultural values besides its effects on political and economic aspects should be kept in mind as well.

Visiting Taxila Museum and Julian, he said, “The place we are standing today is the 22-hundred-year-old Taxila University, which is considered one of the first universities in the region and the oldest in the world. I decided to celebrate World Tourism Day at this place this year so that our friends in the country and abroad to give a message that the civilization that Pakistanis are inheritors has been the beacon of knowledge since 2200 years ago.”

He said the other purpose of celebrating World Tourism Day in Taxila was to convey the message that Pakistan is also the inheritor of Harappa civilization about 5,000 years old and Mehrgarh about 5,000 years old.

Caretaker Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Muhammad Azam Khan said that the provincial government was taking numerous steps to promote tourism as an industry.

In a message issued in connection with World Tourism Day being observed across the world including Pakistan on September 27, he said that the provincial government was effectively working under an integrated strategy to provide all facilities to domestic and foreign tourists.

He said that millions of domestic and foreign tourists come to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and enjoy its natural beauty and hospitality. He said that so far, more than 11 million domestic and foreign tourists have visited Khyber Pakhtunkhwa during the current calendar year.

Muhammad Azam Khan said that by promoting tourism, not only employment opportunities could be created rather strong foundations could also be laid for the national economy.

Managing Director, PTDC, Aftab ur Rehman Rana said the country’s tourism and hospitality industry contributes 3.5 percent to the country’s GDP which was contributed by the domestic tourism.
“About 6.5 million people are directly or indirectly engaged in the industry. This is quite unfortunate that only a few know or are willing to invest in the green practices,” he added.

He added that the federal government had taken the provincial authorities onboard to ensure sustainable ecotourism models, adding that more awareness campaigns and stakeholders’ engagement are desired to control undue interventions.

The Adventure Club of Pakistan (ACP) in collaboration with Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) organized the 13th Sport Climbing Competitions here at Ibex Club, Lake View Park on Wednesday to mark World Tourism Day.

The Club is dedicated to promoting adventure/outdoor healthy activities in the country. The event was organized through the continued support of Ibex Sports & Leisure Club, Lake View Park, Islamabad.
Frash Security Services and Northern Mountaineering Equipment presented climbing equipment items for the distinction holders. At the end of the thrilling competitions, the position holders were awarded with shields and certificates of participation.

A seminar on the role of tourism in the development of the country’s economy was organised on the occasion of World Tourism Day at the Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management at Islamia University Bahawalpur.

Speaking on this occasion, the head of the department, Dr. Shakeel Sarwar, said that Islamia University Bahawalpur is a university with a prominent role in promoting tourism in South Punjab.

Special ceremonies followed by special walks to mark the day, were held in various parts of the AJK, including capital city of Muzaffarabad as well as other major cities, including Mirpur, Rawalakot and Bhimbher.

Addressing the ceremonies, speakers including the experts called for taking steps to ensure utilization of natural resources for promotion of tourism industry in the AJK, which is enriched with huge natural tourism potential, to bring about economic revolution and speedy development in this picturesque region.

These comprised visits of the tourists to the historic resorts in various parts of the state besides seminars and symposiums, under the auspices of the local notables in coordination with the local NGOs and tour operator groups.
Tourists comprising a large number of people from various parts of the country besides AJK attended the ceremonies hosted to mark the day.

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