ISLAMABAD, Dec 11 (APP):Assistant Minister of International Department of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Wang Yajun Monday said
China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and One Belt One Road (OBOR) projects were the game-changer not only for Pakistan but also the entire region.
Briefing on 19th National Congress of Communist Party of China (CPC) he said “All political forces and people in Pakistan
are unanimous on CPEC and OBOR projects. The CPEC is a real game-changer project for Pakistan.”
“We are determined to gather fruits of the CPEC and OBOR and pass on them to people of the two countries – Pakistan
and China,” he added
Yajun said energy crisis in Pakistan had been overcome to great extent due to timely completion of a number of power
projects under the CPEC.
The minister said during his visit to Lahore, he himself witnessed the fast track development taking place under the CPEC.
He said people of Pakistan had great love and affection for China and narrated three years back story when he visited the Lahore fort to see the Pakistan culture. A group of students, after seeing him from far away, chanted slogan “Long Live Pakistan
China friendship. “
The Chinese minister said he asked the students whether they had visited China ever and they reply was no, but they knew everything about China especially Silk Road and Great Wall of China.
“People of China and Pakistan are sincere and supportive to each other in difficult time.”
Wang Yajun said that China and Pakistan always stood by each other shoulder to shoulder in every difficult time.
“China and Pakistan relations are unique of its kind; we have blood to blood relations, generation to generation, we want
that relations between two countries should progress more and should be stronger like iron,” he added.
To a question he said that China had adopted open policy and welcomed investment from any country any group.
Sharing the 19th National Congress of Communist Party of China (CPC) report, he said Chinese President Xi Jinping
in his report to the National Congress reviewed the historic achievements made in China’s development over the past five
years and made major conclusions on the basis of the historic achievements.
He said China was a leader among the world major economies. With the gross domestic product rising from 54 trillion to 80 trillion yuon, China has maintained its position as the world’s second economy and contributed more than 30 percent global
economic growth. He said level of urbanization has risen by an annual average of 1.2 percentage point and more than 80 million people who have moved from rural to urban areas have been gained permanent urban residency regional development has
become more balanced.
He said the President of China has also said “We should be good friends to the environment, cooperate to tackle climate change, and protect our planet for the sake of human survival.”
“China remains firm in pursuing an independent foreign policy of peace. We respect the right of the people of all countries to
choose their own development path. We endeavor to uphold international fairness and justice, and oppose acts that impose
one’s will on others or interfere in the internal affairs of others as well as the practice of the strong bullying the weak” he added.
About the poverty alleviation, he said China was committed to completely alleviate poverty from the country by the year
2020. He said the cause of poverty reduction in China was not only good for its own development but also would make important contribution to the development of the world.
“During last five years, around 66 million people had been over lifted poverty line and average age of the Chinese
had increased from 74.8 to 76.8, ” he added.
He said living standard of the Chinese had improved and the government was further committed to improve the life style of Chinese people.
He said the government of China believed on transparency and had punished around 7500 people involved in corruption.
He said delegation from across the world including Pakistan had participated in the conference. He said journalists from
130 countries had also witnessed the proceeding of the conference.
Senator Mushahid Hussian in his opening remarks said that China had made remarkable development from 1949 to till date.
“One belt one road imitative is beneficial for Africa, Middle East and European. Land and sea link under the project will help
full for the better future of next generation.”
New Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Yao Jing on the occasion said “ I am happy to come Pakistan third time, and I arrived first time in Pakistan in 1994.”
He said people to people contact between the two counties will be beneficial for China and Pakistan.