ISLAMABAD, Dec 21 (APP):Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday said that with the objective of promoting education, particularly higher education, the establishment of Islamabad National University (INU) at PM House – prime real estate – would set the country’s direction right in terms of human development.

Speaking at the launch conference for Islamabad National University (INU) here at PM House, he said the conversion of PM House into a university was also aimed at eliminating the colonial mindset and elite style of living which the colonial ruler used to rule the people.
The Prime Minister said his government was focusing on education and human development and was following the model of the State of Madina where education was given top priority.
He said Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) after the victory of “Ghzwa-e-Badr” offered the war prisoners that if any of them would educate ten persons, would be freed, adding, it reflected what importance was given to education in the Islamic state.
The Prime Minister also cited the example of renowned Caliph Haroon Rashid who attracted many intellectuals of that era into the Bait-ul-Hikma (House of Wisdom) he had established for research, and said he also envisioned such a center of excellence at PM House for interaction of scholars from home and abroad.
Imran Khan, who had committed to convert the PM House into an educational institution during his election campaign and after coming to power, said his government would provide all requisite funds to universities and research institutions for raising the standard of education in country.
He referred to the ongoing accountability campaign in the country and said that the money to be recovered from the looters and plunderers would be diverted towards education and human development.
The Prime Minister said that no country or nation can achieve progress and prosperity without focusing on education and human development.