‘Controversial’ elections may create chaos in country: Sana Ullah

‘Controversial’ elections may create chaos in country: Sana Ullah

ISLAMABAD, Apr 6 (APP): Interior Minister Rana Sana Ullah on Thursday said efforts were being made by some quarters to conduct ‘controversial’ elections [in Punjab] that may create chaos in the country.

“For holding elections just to satisfy the ego and stubbornness of a person [ Imran Khan] will definitely have a negative impact on the upcoming general elections,” he said while addressing to lawyers convention here.

The interior minister raised concerns over potential controversies surrounding the upcoming elections, stating that such circumstances could lead to the “country’s downfall”.

The minister declared that the ruling party was not opposed to holding elections, but it was evident in the past that such controversial elections incurred damages to the country the most.

“Before this, the elections of 1971 and 1977 were controversial as well. One election disintegrated the country while the other paved the way for terrorism,” he added.

The interior minister said that if the elections were held reminiscent of 71 and 77 situations, under unwarranted circumstances, then it would pave the way for the country to move toward “destruction and anarchy”.

“We are strictly against this destruction,” he asserted. He further said that elections held on someone’s insistence would not be accepted, rather they should be held at a scheduled time and agreed upon by all the stakeholders.

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