Ishaq expresses best wishes for AJK PM

ISLAMABAD, Jul 15 (APP): The spokesman of Senator Mohammad Ishaq Dar Friday expressed concern that the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has kept pending an anonymous complaint against Senator Mohammad Ishaq Dar for 15 years.

In a statement issued here, the spokesman said, for a long
time, the complaint despite having been processed for closure since 2001, was deliberately not disposed of as per law and was instead left pending and used for political victimization and harassment.

Anonymous complaints have no legal value, the spokesman said adding this fact is well known to officials of NAB.

However, in this particular instance, the anonymous complaint was maliciously kept pending instead of disposing it of as per law.

In all, this time no evidence was produced to substantiate
the unfounded allegations, precisely because all his assets are lawful, fully documented and duly declared to the tax authorities as well as to the Election Commission of Pakistan as required.

The said complaint was deliberately and mischievously
activated on different occasions in the past in the Musharraf
era and later, with the sole purpose of tarnishing his image,
the spokesman added.

Most recently in year 2015 NAB reported to the Supreme Court list of pending cases under process with the Bureau and despite the fact and knowing well that the case was processed for closure since 2001, NAB still chose to list it as one out of 252 pending cases.

Senator Dar instantly reacted publicly that if there was
anything irregular against him, it should be proceeded against
him accordingly and if there is no irregularity then the matter
should be disposed of as per law.

It is shocking to learn now from media reports, that the
said complaint was formally recommended for closure a number of times during the last many years being devoid of any substance or evidence, but was not closed. It is therefore clear that the matter was kept active only for ulterior motives.

The damage caused to his personal and professional reputation in last 15 years due to this wilful irresponsible behaviour of NAB is immeasurable.

Once he is free from the responsibilities as holder of public
office, he will consider taking appropriate legal action against all those who have caused him and his family mental agony and injury to reputation for 15 long years to till date.