KARACHI, Oct 26 (APP): Commissioner of Karachi , Shoaib Ahmad
Siddiqui on Monday constituted a committee to address issues related
to employment opportunities for short stature citizens of the
Addressing a ceremony to commemorate the day for people suffering
from growth hormone deficiency causing short stature with no
implications on their intellectual capacity, Siddiqui said an
“inclusive’ approach has to be adopted to help these people join the
“The vast majority of these special people, we all do come
across, do not lack mental capacities nor the will to contribute hence
must be facilitated to deliver,” he said.
Muhammad Aslam representing the short stature people on the
occasion said seats for these special people must be reserved in all
policy making bodies.
He also sought special measures to enhance easy accessibility of
these people to educational institutions as well as vocational
training centres that may be relevant to the capacities to short
stature individuals.
Director, Rescue Service 1299, Syed Muhammad Shukaib said the
recommendations forwarded by the association of these special people
with regard to job quota in private and public sector institutions has
been forwarded to the concerned authorities.
Moreover, keeping in view the problem faced by these people
availing public transport is also attempted to be solved.
The committee constituted by Commissioner of Karachi for the
welfare of short stature people was said to include representatives of
social welfare, transport department, State Bank of Pakistan besides
different private facilities.
Participants of the program pledged to make concerted efforts for
a quality life provision for the short sized individuals – inclusive
of proper recreation as well as socio-economic empowerment.