Rehmatul-lil-Alameen scholarships being given to poor, intelligent students: CM

LAHORE, Mar 06 (APP): Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar congratulated Prime Minister Imran Khan for getting the vote of confidence from the National Assembly and said that the majority of parliamentarians had expressed their complete confidence in the prime minister.

Usman Buzdar added that the prime minister had got more votes than in 2018.
In a statement issued here on Saturday, he said that the prime minister had defeated the PDM by taking brave and courageous decision of getting vote of confidence from the National Assembly and today transparency and righteousness had won again.

He said full confidence of members of the National Assembly in the prime minister was a slap on the face of opposition’s politics. Those who were making tall claims of their victory were now getting no place to hide.

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The MNAs had threw the stance of looters and plunders into the bin as corrupt elements instead of competing fled the field, he added..

He said that the present government came to power with the support of the people and will complete its tenure.