Climate change becomes an issue of national endurance for developing countries: Caretaker PM

Climate change becomes an issue of national endurance for developing countries: Caretaker PM

ISLAMABAD, Nov 20 (APP): Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar on Monday said that climate change had become a national issue of survival for the developing nations and Pakistan despite its lesser share of below one percent carbon imprints in the global climate change was among the most affected countries.

The caretaker prime minister presided the second session of Pakistan Climate Change Council. The meeting was attended by Caretaker Ministers including Ahmed Irfan Aslam, Shamshad Akhtar, Jalil Abbas Jilani, Umar Saif, Kausar Abdul Malik, Sami Saeed, Muhammad Ali, Chief Minister Gilgit Baltistan Haji Gulbar Khan, representatives of the provincial governments, civil society, NGOs and global entities, besides the relevant senior officials, PM Office Media Wing said in a press release.

Climate change becomes an issue of national endurance for developing countries: Caretaker PM

The caretaker prime minister said that one third of the country’s population was hit hard by the previous year’s floods triggered by the climate change, adding that the developing countries including Pakistan were facing dangers of climate induced changes due to impacts caused by the developed world.

He stressed upon taking of the required steps at the international level to save the developing countries from the perilous impacts of climate change.

The prime minister lauded the efforts of ministry of climate change and the climate activists of Pakistan in this regard, besides appreciating the endeavours of the provinces and their collaboration with the federation by taking of measures to avert negative impacts of the climate change.

Climate change becomes an issue of national endurance for developing countries: Caretaker PM


He said that during the COP-28 meeting which would be held in the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan would present its stance effectively. They would send their delegation to participate in COP-28 after consultations with the relevant ministry and the provincial governments, he added.

The caretaker prime minister also desired preparation of short, medium and long terms framework to effectively warding off the harmful affects of the climate change and stressed upon inclusion of scholars and experts in the preparation of the framework.

He also resolved that Pakistan would present stance of all those climate change affected countries before the United Nations, and approved constitution of a committee of experts in Pakistan Climate Change Council under the ministry of climate change.

The committee would frame market for the carbon credits and formulate a comprehensive policy framework for the trade, besides function for further enhancement and improvement.

The meeting was apprised of the participation of Pakistan, agenda and strategy with regard to upcoming 28th Conference of Parties (COP-28) being held in the current month in the UAE.

The meeting was briefed on the targets of Pakistan set during the previous meetings and the steps taken for their achievement.

The session suggested for the establishment of COP cell to reinvigorate Pakistan’s stance at the world level with regard to negative impacts of the climate change. While at the national level, a cabinet committee might be formed for making the coordinated efforts and measures more effective.

Agreeing with these proposals, the caretaker prime minister directed the relevant authorities to ensure taking of steps in this regard.

The session was also informed that during the COP-28, Pakistan would submit a special report regarding the dangers posed by the climate change and the steps taken to overcome them.

A briefing was also given over setting up a Pakistan Pavilion and related activities during the scheduled conference.

The meeting was given a briefing over the policy guidelines for trade in the carbon markets and it was informed that a framework was being formulated in consultations with the relevant government and private entities, NGOs and civil society and implementation over it would commence soon.

Whereas, a strategy was being made under the guidance of the experts from the related sector for facilitating and utilization of carbon credits trade in the carbon markets.

The prime minister appreciated all the stakeholders, ministries and departments for taking steps and directed for completion of all the above mentioned steps in the stipulated period of time.




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