Christmas peace train appreciated

LAHORE, Dec 25 (APP): National Assembly Speaker Ayaz Sadiq has appreciated the initiative of Pakistan Railways for running Christmas Peace Train on Christmas.
He said this while visiting the Christmas Peace Train here at Railway Station on Sunday.
“It is a historic step and there was no such tradition of the train in past,” he added.
Ayaz Sadiq said this initiative would boost morale of the Christian community and he urged the media to give maximum coverage to this initiative so that real image of the country could be highlighted in the world.
Christmas Peace Train would give a message that people in Pakistan live with unity and love whereas minorities are protected, he added.
The Speaker said religious tolerance was being promoted in the country adding that “Islam is a religion of peace and love”.
He hoped that the train would be a regular feature in coming years.
Minister for Railways Khawaja Saad Rafique, speaking on the occasion,
said Muslims equally shared their happiness with the Christian community on Christmas.
He said it was a joint initiative of the Pakistan Tourism Development
Corporation and Ministry of Human Rights.
The minister said it was the first Christmas Peace Train in the world and the credit for this went to the government.
He said the Constitution of the country provided equal rights to the minorities.
“Pictorial display of Christian heroes who performed well in different fields for progress and development of the country is also arranged in the train,” he said, adding that all of us were united for progress and prosperity of the country.
The minister said that the train would go to Karachi highlighting the message of love, peace, solidarity and tolerance.
Saad Rafique said that today was the birthday of Quaid i Azam
Muhammad Ali Jinnah and the entire nation was praying for the departed soul of the Quaid. It was our duty to take country a head as per the vision of the Quaid i Azam.
The minister also congratulated Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif
on his birthday and added that whenever the PML N leadership got the chance to serve the country and its people they made sincere efforts to put the country on road to progress.
He further said that today’s Pakistan was different from that in 2013 adding that terrorism had been rooted out to large extent, there was solidarity among different sects, peace was restoring in Balochistan and Karachi, sincere efforts were being made to overcome electricity loadshedding.
Badshahi Masjid, Khateeb, Molana Abdul Khabir Azad, speaking on the
occasion, said that the train was giving a message of love, tolerance and peace and we were united for the development of the country.
Father James also thanked the government for running this train
adding that this initiative reflects that the love of government for minorities.
He said that people living in Pakistan were one and united for the
development of the country.