Chinese company helps flood-affected people in GB

ISLAMABAD, Aug 07 (APP): A Chinese Company has initiated emergency response in flood-hit areas in Gilgit Baltistan and helped the flood-affected people alongside Pakistani brothers.

CEC Hydropower Seventh Bureau Pakistan Basha Dam and Tangir Hydropower Project Teams responded promptly to the news of the devastating flood and remained at the frontline of rescue and relief efforts to fight the disaster together alongside Pakistani brothers, a company’s statement said on Sunday.

On July 30, a flash flood broke out in the Tangir district of Pakistan’s Gilgit-Baltistan due to heavy rainfall, resulting in damage to farmland and destruction of roads and canals, which seriously affected the lives of local residents.

On July 31, after surveying the flood-hit area, the project team formulated an immediate plan and deployed Tangir Hydropower Station construction personnel and excavator equipment to the affected areas to participate in rescue and relief work, according to the statement. The workers were also involved in clearing the collapsed infrastructure, dredging the wrecked roads, eliminating hidden hazards and refilling the foundations of the irrigation canal to protect the lives and property of local people.

After two days of construction work, the project personnel succeeded in unblocking and rebuilding the collapsed roads and communications/transportation has been restored in the affected areas.

The statement said that the back-filling of the irrigation canal foundation work is still underway, and the project personnel will continue to pay more attention to the disaster management and will cooperate with the local authorities and people.

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