Chairman Senate applauds Pakistan-China friendship, contributions

Senate Chairman

ISLAMABAD, Nov 06 (APP): Chairman Senate Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani on Monday highlighted the enduring and deep-rooted friendship between Pakistan and China and commended the substantial contributions made by Chinese institutions and organizations operating within Pakistan, underscoring their significance in strengthening the bond between the two nations.

In his message lauding the remarkable achievements of ’10 Years of CPEC’ during a report launching ceremony titled “Thousands of Miles with CPEC”, he emphasized the enduring friendship between Pakistan and China.

The ceremony was held at the Pakistan Institute of Parliamentary Services and distinguished guests in attendance included Senator Mushahid Hussain Syed, Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Murtaza Solangi, Chinese Ambassador Jiang Zaidong, the Executive Director of Pakistan-China Institute Mustafa Hayder Sayed and Chairman of the All Pakistan China Enterprises Association Yang Jianduo.

A heartfelt message on behalf of Chairman Senate, was read out to the audience by the Executive Director Pakistan-China Institute, Mustafa Hayder Sayed.

In his message, the chairman emphasised the enduring friendship between the two nations and commended the significant contributions of Chinese institutions and organizations operating in Pakistan.

Their contributions have played a pivotal role in strengthening bilateral ties, fostering not only government-to-government relations but also nurturing the invaluable people-to-people connections that underpin this exceptional friendship.

“The deep-rooted and historic friendship between Pakistan and China transcends borders and cultures, serving as a model for the world”.

He in his message lauded the visionary leadership of Chinese President Xi Jinping, highlighting his remarkable vision and unwavering commitment, which had propelled China into an economic powerhouse, inspiring nations worldwide.

“The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), with the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) as an integral part, stands as a testament to the transformative power of visionary leadership. This initiative aims to promote connectivity, cooperation, and mutual development within the region and beyond, symbolizing the dedication and hard work of both nations and their people”, Sanjrani underlined in his message.

Sadiq Sanjrani in his note shared insights from his recent visit to China for the symposium commemorating the 10th anniversary of President Xi Jinping’s principle of amity, sincerity, mutual benefit, and inclusiveness in neighbourhood diplomacy.

He praised this visionary policy, emphasizing its positive impact on people worldwide.

The release of the ’10 Years of CPEC’ report marks a significant milestone, covering the substantial progress and accomplishments achieved thus far.

In his message, he commended all stakeholders for their dedication and hard work, while also highlighting the need for the transfer of industries under CPEC to realize its full potential as an economic corridor.

Gwadar, the emerging city, and the Special Economic Zones established along CPEC routes are poised to welcome Chinese industries, creating employment and export opportunities for Pakistan while providing cost-effective labour and access to international markets for Chinese companies, ultimately benefiting both nations.

In closing, the chairman expressed optimism for the continued cooperation between Pakistan and China.

The ’10 Years of CPEC’ report serves as a valuable resource, reminding both nations of their mutual commitment and the boundless opportunities that lie ahead. Together, they are set to embark on a transformative journey towards a future of shared prosperity and success.

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