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Cabinet gives green signal for auction of 5G spectrum: Minister

ISLAMABAD, Oct 11 (APP): Caretaker Federal Minister for Information Technology and Telecommunication Dr. Umar Saif Wednesday said that the Federal Cabinet has given the green signal for the auction of the much-anticipated 5G spectrum.

Dr. Saif in a statement said that a Spectrum Auction Advisory Committee, led by the finance minister, had been established to oversee the impending spectrum auction.

He said that this committee included members from the Ministry of Information Technology, Telecommunication and the Ministry of Industries and Production.

The eagerly awaited 5G spectrum is set to make 300 Megahertz of spectrum available, with the potential to revolutionize Pakistan’s telecommunications landscape, he added.

Dr. Saif emphasized that a consultant would soon be appointed through the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to ensure a smooth and efficient spectrum auction process.

He said that the federal cabinet had also approved the sharing of telecommunications infrastructure, a move hailed as business-friendly for telecom companies, expected to lead to substantial cost reductions.
He said that this infrastructure-sharing arrangement would enable telecom companies to install their equipment on each other’s towers, optimizing operational and maintenance costs.

Dr. Saif noted that this shift WAs anticipated to bring about a significant reduction in expenses for telecom firms, ultimately making telecommunications services more cost-effective.

Additionally, the installation of new towers is projected to yield substantial cost savings, potentially amounting to billions of rupees, he added.

He was of the view that these savings could be reinvested in enhancing the quality and coverage of telecommunication services across the country.


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