ISLAMABAD, June 11 (APP): Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif
Saturday said the brave soldiers of Pakistan Army like Captain
Asfandyar Bukhari Shaheed guarantee the survival of Pakistan who
bring pride to their families, cities, country as well as the

The Prime Minister, in his message on the occasion of renaming District Headquarters Hospital Attock after Captain Asfandyar Shaheed
in a ceremony held in Attock on the day by Punjab government on his
directive, said soldiers like Asfandyar Shaheed brightened the names
of their parents and brought them pride.

He said Asfandyar Shaheed had set a great example of valour by sacrificing his life in line of his duty that would be remembered

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In order to keep this memory alive, District Headquarters Hospital Attock was being renamed after Asfandyar Bukhari Shaheed, he added.

He said the government would improve and modernize the health
services for the people at the hospital to pay befitting tribute to
our benefactor.